Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Things that go 'Lump' in the night

I had a good old moan yesterday didn't I? Well here is an update; last night I ended up at the District Hospital with a lump the size of a Grapefruit underneath the scar where they had removed my lymph nodes. Combined a temperature of 102ºF despite taking Paracetamol to reduce it, and a fair bit of pain I really felt sorry for myself, and thought I had better speak to a Doctor. I gave the out of hours service a call, they wanted to see me, and confirmed my suspicions about the swelling that had been bothering me the past 4 weeks was what now making me feel like I had the Flu, and causing the swelling. He said he thought it was either an infected haematoma or an abscess, and I may need to spend a day or two back in hospital. He gave me some high dose antibiotics straight away and a prescription for more, and urged me to see my own Doctor first thing in the morning as I needed an urgent referral back to the Breast Surgeon.

I saw my own GP who faxed the required referral to the Hospital and suggested that I phone the Breast Care Nurses and 'make a nuisance of myself' so that I was seen today. I did as instructed, and was called back quite promptly telling me to get myself there as quickly as I could: a Registrar would see me when I got there. Thankfully the threat of admission was dispelled, and the Registrar using what looked like a syringe you might use on a horse, had a couple of attempts at draining the swelling. They said it is called a Seratoma, but I can't find a reference to this on the Internet. She said this would be sent off for analysis. She dressed the area, and I have to go back on Friday and Monday. They will review how well it is clearing up before they postpone my Radiotherapy treatment. The hope is that I will be well enough to start this on Tuesday next week as planned.

Thanks for the helpful and thoughtful comments yesterday, I think finding a project that requires research will be my best bet at the moment, being a bit of a one armed bandit!


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Thank goodness the lump has been drained - if it was infected no wonder you were feeling rough . . . Hopefully now the lump will reduce and clear up and you will be well enough to start the radiotherapy.

No wonder you have been feeling weepy . . . the op and anesthetic alone will do that - so will the infection . And yes maybe the Tamoxifen - I will ask a friend of mine who takes it if she noticed anything mood wise when she first started taking it.

Love and Hugs to you Zoë and if I don't visit your blog as often as I would like please know that i am thinking of you.

Pondside said...

What a night and day you must have had! I'm glad to read that you were seen so quickly and received care. An infection would certainly bring you 'down' - I hope you'll begin to feel better quickly now that an antibiotic has been prescribed.

bodran... said...

I've finally managed to leave a comment , your blog doesnt like me .. Hopefully your in less pain now with the pressure relieved...
you take it easy No running or jumping at all!! Thinking of you love . jo xxoo

easygardener said...

Hope you are feeling better and the pain is reduced. By the way I think the word might be seroma not seratoma, if you still want to do an internet search.

tillyboo said...

Hi Zoe, Oh I really feel for you but I'm glad you've found out why you've felt so rubbish. I've been feeling sorry for myself with the Flu and Viral conjunctivitis (I look like Dracula at the moment) but reading your blog puts all that into perspective.

I'm glad you are considering some research, it will certainly keep you busy and if you listen to the Fairy CD at the same time you'll be mega chilled :) (I'm still plugging it aren't I ?)


Pipany said...

Hello Zoe. I did wonder if perhaps there was something more to the swelling but it is so hard to tell with these things. well done for getting it seen to so promptly and thank goodness you son't have to spend the weekend in hospital. Much love xxx

themanicgardener said...

Yikes, Zoë, what a rollercoaster you've been on. I hope things settle down.

mountainear said...

You have been in the wars, poor thing. Hope the antibiotics are working and you can start your Radiotherapy as planned. That will be another step forward.

Hope too you find something to occupy yourself. How about following Anna Pavord's excellent example and combining your horticultural, research and writing skills and giving us the history of some plant or other?

Best wishes

PS Aren't we really lucky to have antibiotics?

Grouse said...

Zoe! Yet another hurdle!

Research sounds good.......

Withy Brook said...

Read these two blogs in chronological order and commented on the last without reading this. Still think that the activity you need will have to be something that does not need too much concentration!
What a time you have been having but thank goodness you now know what was happening to your arm and it should soon be better. Hope the antibiotics are not making you feel too grotty. Sometimes they are as bad as whatever they are meant to be curing!
More love and thoughts.

Exmoorjane said...

Ah Zoe, think the crying and all (from last post) is so so are going through one hell of a journey and it would be just odd not to get a bit overwhelmed from time to time. I was talking to an amazing therapist at this German spa who recommended EFT (emotional freedom technique)....I tried it a few months back (when the SZM stuff was at its height) and it was pretty amazing .....but then it made me just cry and cry (and I don't really do crying!)... Not sure why I mention that - just felt like I should.
So glad it's been drained....hope it's less painful now.. Janexxxx

Frances said...

My dear Zoe, I am so glad that your first treatment went well and your swelling is responding to the draining and drugs. The scare with your daughter had to be so terrible for you, not being there with her. That seems more settled now and you can go back to being bored maybe that will seem like a better proposition that before.

Frances at Fairegarden

Victoria said...

Zoe, that all sounds hellish. I do so hope you're feeling better now and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by Craig's blog and leave comments there.
lots of love, Victoriaxxx
PS: I don't remember thinking you looked big when we met. I was too busy admiring your white top and thinking how cool and crisp it looked compared to my crumpled jacket!

CAMILLA said...

Hello Zoe,

I am so glad the treatment responded well to the swelling and that you are beginning to feel a little better on the antibiotics.

Hope that you are resting enough and have enough gorgeous gardening books to hand. We all miss you Zoe, sending you my love and best wishes.