Tuesday, 25 November 2008

On the mend ....

Just a quick update. The infection seems to be subsiding, my breast has taken on an almost normal colour and texture, and now I have some decent dressings (God bless Mepitel), even the sores from the radiation burns are bearable.

I am in Hospital again tomorrow as a day patient, but this time just for my routine sense of humour top-ups were I have my 12 weekly long acting pain relief injections into my caudal, facet, sacroiliac and lumbar spinal joints . I shall be sedated whilst they do this and it usually takes me a couple of days to become sentient again, so no worrying if I don't answer emails quickly, the combination of tiredness from infection and radiation, combined with an anaesthetic will probably see me zonked.

Only a month until Christmas, and so far I haven't done a thing! Panic!