Tuesday, 25 November 2008

On the mend ....

Just a quick update. The infection seems to be subsiding, my breast has taken on an almost normal colour and texture, and now I have some decent dressings (God bless Mepitel), even the sores from the radiation burns are bearable.

I am in Hospital again tomorrow as a day patient, but this time just for my routine sense of humour top-ups were I have my 12 weekly long acting pain relief injections into my caudal, facet, sacroiliac and lumbar spinal joints . I shall be sedated whilst they do this and it usually takes me a couple of days to become sentient again, so no worrying if I don't answer emails quickly, the combination of tiredness from infection and radiation, combined with an anaesthetic will probably see me zonked.

Only a month until Christmas, and so far I haven't done a thing! Panic!


Victoria said...

Dear Zoe, thank you so much for your card. Hope everything continues to go well with you: I'll be thinking of you too.
Love and hugs, Victoria xx

elizabethm said...

Hi Zoe, took delivery of some bare rooted hellebores today and thought of you. Glad to hear things are a bit less dreadful.

Do you read Val Bourne? I have bought a book of hers called the natural gardener and find I like it very much. Sure you will have come across it before but if not, give it a go.

Frances said...

Hello Zoe,

Christmas coming and you haven't done a thing? Oh, please. As we say here in New York. Think you have been doing quite a lot!

Bet that there are lots of folks near you that would love to be your Christmas deputies; just delegate some tasks (and follow up to make sure that those tasks are taken care of!)

Please don't take that last paragraph too seriously, it is just meant as a hint, that I bet there are lots of folks who would love to help you do things. Let them!

I think that it is wonderful that you continue to put up these posts.

Did you get that receptionist sorted out? !!


Magic Cochin said...

You're not ready for Christmas -ZOE!!!! This year just sit back and let all your nearest and dearest give you the best, most restful and happy Christmas you've ever had. They will... believe me. Christmas will happen and this year there will be no need for you to do a thing.

Put you feet up and a have glass of something festive!


Pipany said...

It always gets there in the end Zoe, so don't be too hard on yourself. I think you truly have had enough to cope with. xx

emmat said...

Soooo glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Oh my god, re shopping etc aren't we all going to be having an economy christmas this year anyway? don't fret, I know it seems like a looming dark form but it's ages yet, too. xx

Ladybird World Mother said...

Have stumbled upon your blog and just want to say what a star you are and WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS??? I am absolutely not ready for Christmas. But why should you be?? With all the stuff going on with you that I have been reading about, I am not surprised!!
Will stumble back here very soon. And why dont you do what I will do, BUY EVERYTHING ONLINE. Marvellous. Except food. That I need to see and then buy.
See you soon.x

Anna said...

Hugs to ya!

I'm just stopping by to read your brave story and see how you are doing. Seems like you sure faced a great many challenges this week with the treatment. I hope they bring some relief.

You are a very classy person and giving hope to many out there braving the same things.

Exmoorjane said...

Hello you.......tried to comment on the blog before a bit ago but for some reason my PC wouldn't let me.....but now I'm back and the news is WAAAY better so I'm a happy bunny.
Very pleased that the infection is fading - and that you will be topped up on the pain relief again.
Christmas? Pah! Let that family of yours loose on it.....go on, just this once!

Frances said...

Hello Zoe, your second dog name is the one! Without some three year olds at my side, I would never have guessed myself. Thank you for your comment, as always. xo

mountainear said...

Zonked seems a pretty good place to be in the circumstances. Your first paragraph sounds slightly grim...

Christmas? Delegate - as others seem to be suggesting. Make the most of your convalescence.

Best wishes, F

Mother Nature's Garden said...

I would not even expect you to delegate. I think you should use all your energy to get well and that will be the best gift of all.